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What can I tell you, you're just fucked up. You were snooping where you shouldn't have been, of course, classically off the beaten path. And sinking into the old tomb of the local now-forgotten pharaoh Tutankhamun is punishment for your idiocy. You'll have to crawl out of it all on your own. Lucky you have your trusty colt and your old miner's helmet. So you should be able to escape this shit pretty well. But be warned, this isn't a trip through the park with nice, fluffy, soft teddy bears. Shit! This is where all the fun stops and if you don't want to chew dirt, you'd better move up fast. The úprk (stampede) begins...
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About game

bob Game,

 is indie project made by an enthusiastic developer Lubomír "Bob" Březina. The project started in 2015 and slowly, laboring during long and cold nights after his main job Bob finally finished in 2018. It was at first only a proof of concept for a graduate work about the possibilities of the JS/HTML5 technology but after hundreds (no, not kidding) of hours in development Bob realized it would be kind of shame to stop only with a demo version of what could be a ...well... a full game. The basic premise of the game is borrowed from the cult classic Fred(TM), released on the 8-bit Sinclair ZX Spectrum(TM), produced in Spain by Indescomp S.A. (Carlos Granados Martinez, Paco Menendez, Fernando Rada Briega, Juan Delcan) in the year 1984. It was Bob's humble objective to recall a loving childhood memory of the original game from the players and thank the developers of Fred(TM) for a great job done! The original game is, for it's age, remarkably playable, fun and has the typically devilish difficulty of the 8-bit game industry in that time. But don't be mistaken, is not a remake in any way! Bob wanted the game to have a new life without being limited to simple fan service so he modernised everywhere where he thought the game would benefit and well... he modernised a lot. The players now have the opportunity to run from a confrontation with the creatures (like mummies falling on the players head, ghost which after a hit from the weapon turned towards the player, bat which couldn't be evaded, drops of falling water and hedgehogs that could be evaded only with the precision of an old Swiss watchmaker). The hero in Stampede can duck, slide down the rope with twice the speed and if he shoots while on a rope the shattered rocks from a wall will clear his path from any creatures under him. And to start the rope climbing hero doesn't have to be precisely under the rope. The target of Stampede is to find way to the exit in the top of the maze. The creatures in Stampede are a little different from Fred(TM) and behave mostly in different ways. The hero has less lives but there is always a way to overcome the creatures and lures of the maze. Some creatures are immortal (spiders and worms). So the game is very different from Fred(TM) but it still have the nostalgic feeling of the old 8-bit game. If you want to play the original Fred(TM) you can find the informations with images for the emulator, or you can play the game in your browser here: look for Fred(TM) (the Menu is in spanish but you can start the game by pressing 3, then choos the keys for up, down, left, right, shoot and finaly select the option 4. Jugar and you can play).

What the game running on HTML5 uses? For starters Canvas, 2d context, in to which it draws. Next saving space in the browser 'Offline Cache', so you can play offline if you download your maps in advance which will stay saved and your game will be playable without the internet connection. The game is developed with the intent to run an all modern web browser. It uses the responsive web design so you can play on your mobile phone the same as on your desktop. It will run the same on Apple, Linux and Windows. Touch control is enabled (on almost all web browsers) and you can also try the experimental gamepad controls (xbox 360, xbox one). To stay fresh the game generates new set of five maps every day at 00:00 UTC and once a month the game generates twenty test maps for training. All the maps are generated by the web server so all players have the same set and you can test your skills against each other. You can also create groups with other players and you will see the score of the players in your group highlighted so you can easily compete with your friends over who has the bigger… ehm, score. :) There are also many references to my favorite films and TV shows build in to the game. You can guess which those are. ;)

Great thanks to friends, Hery for English translation and ideas, Jonas for enthusiasm and tips, Radek for urging and testing, Jana for gentle and mental support in the development of the game.

Thank you for playing, feedback and I hope you will have the same fun as I with Fred. And also, please be very careful if you will be playing and walking at the same time. You should always have your eyes on the road. ;)

Live long and in prosperity. :) Bob Because today's internet is full of adds and most of them are either very annoying, dumb or both many users just block them which is perfectly understandable. This game will not follow this trend so you won’t find any advertisement here (until of course adds will be the only way left I can pay for the server costs). So far this game is run only on donations and free “word of mouth” advertisement from it’s fans. If you want to donate you can do so through PayPal - you can find the donation button in the menu “Support the game development” or you can simply send this game to your friends if you like it or enemies if you don’t. :) My goal was to make a game which would be fun and maybe shorten your boredom on the bus to home or school, etc and I also wanted to learn some new technologies in the process of making it. I’m very thankful for every shared comment about this game. I didn’t make this game to make money. Everything you donate will be used to pay for the running and future development cost of this and maybe some next new game.

Offline mode

I you are without the internet connection the game will work with some limitations. You can play only older preloaded maps and your score will be saved only in your browsers history. After you reconnect to the internet and log in to your account our saved results will be uploaded to the world ranking. You also can't access the menu "Sign in and My Account" in offline mode.

Terms and Conditions, License

The game contains mildly offensive speech and may be triggering fear in players. Parental Guidance is advised. Theme or content may not be suitable for children under the age of 12.

Author and owner of this web is Lubomír Březina IČO: 07100230. The author and owner has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party web sites or services. You further acknowledge and agree that shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use of or reliance on any such content, goods or services available on or through any such websites or services.

The website is committed to not share any user’s personal data registered in it’s system with any third party. And the website will also ensure the maximum possible safety of user’s personal data registered in it’s system by all possible means of user data protection.

The game run by the author under the license Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 CZ) (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International) with these licence agreements:

1. The user have a right to use the work and create other works under the condition that the work will not be used for commercial purposes.
2. Name the author (source) – the user have a right to share and use the work and create new works under the condition that he will preserve the information about the original author (source).
3. The user is allowed only to manipulate with the original work. He can’t create another works which are derived from the original work.

This game uses a free font Gabardina Fernando Haro, Spain. Link: deFharo. Many thanks to the author.

Author’s note: Embedding in to the page is prohibited. You can only link to a new page without external code, advertisement etc. You can also create screen shots or videos from the game and use and share them under the condition that you name the author and the source.

Terms of processing of personal data

In accordance with the european union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is this game processing only minimal amount of users personal data which are absolutely necessary for its function. By registering in the game you agree with the processing of your personal data from the legal title "Administrator's legitimate interest", which to the administrator (Lubomír Březina, IČO07100230) allows to register your personal data which are absolutely necessary for the function of some features in the game. The time for which the administrator is registering the data is four years from your last login. After this time all your personal data will be automatically removed. Your registered date are:

User’s name, which doesn't need to correspond with your real name and it is in your best interest for it to be fictional.

Password, which is stored in the game only by the form of an imprint - hash. If you use a strong-enough password the administrator has almost no chance to gain your original password from this imprint. It is one-way process - hashing. Even in the case of stolen database it is very hard for the attackers to use this data in any harmful way. This is of coarse conditional to the use of sufficiently long and complicated (special letters) password.

Optionally your email, which can be the only really personal data which the game stores. The game uses your email for the purposes of resetting your password and informing you about game updates. In the case you agree with the game sending you a business messages the game will also use your email for advertising the creators other work. You will always be able to change or delete this email and the agreement in the menu "My account and groups - Update account information".

In the accordance with the GDPR the game also enables you to:

Enumeration, of the time and the purpose of your personal data being recorded; see above to your right of access.
Change your personal data. You have the right to repair.
Irreversible physical deletion of your entire account including ALL your data. You have the right to be forgotten.
Export the complete overview of the processed personal data and the history of your gaming. You have the right to data portability.
Lodge a complaints or recommendation to my email You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

Conditions Cookies

If you decide to use the Facebook comments in the game you agree to save a third party cookies in your computer. It will result in loading a third party’s code (Facebook) which will implement Facebook’s tracking cookies including their efficient code (analyzing your behaviour). Facebook can then track your activity on this website. This website is made in the way so the code will only load if you want to really use this function - so by pressing the discussion button. After you leave the discussion the website will try to remove the Facebook’s efficient code. By this is trying to secure the privacy of it’s users as much as possible.

Keyboard Gamepad XBOX Touch screen


movement: arrows, w,s,a,d
fire: spacebar
crouch: ctrl,c
menu: escape
movement in menu: arrows, tab, shift+tab
confirmation of choice in menu: spacebar, enter

Gamepad XBOX

movement: left stick
fire: button A
crouch: button B
menu: button X
movement in menu: left stick
confirmation of choice in menu: button A

Touch screen

movement: virtual cursor
fire: double-tap anywhere
crouch: slide the virtual cursor under the bottom arrow
menu: menu button in upper left corner
movement in menu: touch on your choice
confirmation of choice in menu: touch on your choice

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You are Offline, More in "About game / Conditions / Offline mode". By playing this game you agree with saving third party cookies for the purpose of traffic tracking and Facebook discussion. You can read the detail in the section "About game / conditions". is operated by Lubomír Březina (Bob), IČO: 07100230. The game is under the license (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). @devbobcz 2024.
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